Best Drug Tests
Best Drug Tests

Facts about Drug Test


Many government agencies, employers, parents and schools carry out drug test. The test results are used to assist or expose the drug user. Employers carry out drug test to protect the working environment and the firm's policies against the use of drugs. Government agencies such as the traffic police may carry out this test to determine if a person is fit to drive a motor vehicle. Parents and schools use these tests on minors in order to protect them against the adverse effects of drug use. If the parents discover that their children are hooked on the use of illegal substances, they can rely on this information to provide medical attention and rehabilitation assistance for them. Sports agencies carry out drug test to ensure the sports persons are not using illegal drug substances. They also use this tests to ensure they eliminate sports persons who use performance enhancement drugs to again a competitive advantage over fellow sports persons.


The laboratory technicians may use different body tissue specimen to perform the drug test. These include saliva, hair samples, sweat, urine samples and blood sample. Many technicians prefer using urine samples because they are less intrusive and provide instant results. Blood specimen testing is the most accurate method of drug test but it is expensive and takes a long time to produce results. It is also invasive on people who fear needle pricks. Look for more facts about drug test at


There are single and multiple tests kits in the market that technicians or do it yourself undertakers use to carry out these tests. This Rapid Detect kits use urine specimen to carry out the examination. The individual carrying out the test uses single test kits to determine one specific strain of drug. The multiple test kits can test for multiple drugs in the sample simultaneously. The multiple drug test kit include five panel drug test, the ten panel drug test and the twelve panel drug test. All this multiple drug test derive their names based on the number of drug tests they perform simultaneously. For instance, the five panel drug test determines the presence of cocaine, marijuana, amphetamine, phencyclidine or opioids. Other possible drugs to test for using other panel drug tests include oxycodone, ecstasy, methamphetamine and buprenorphine.


The upside of using multiple test kits is that they have additional feature to test for adulteration of the specimen as well as urine temperature. The Rapid Detect kits check if the specimen is contaminated by examining the pH levels. Urine specimen are tested when they are at a specified warm temperature. Low temperatures indicate the sample have been adulterated.